Valos Sukkesh

Former border guard from Amn, on a hunt for draconic revenge.


Valos Sukkesh

Human Fighter 1 – Amn Border Guard (Soldier)


Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
16 10 14 10 14 12
+3 +0 +2 +0 +2 +1

AC: 16

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
+5 +0 +4 +0 +2 +1

HP: 12
HD: 1d10


Greatsword +5 2d6+3 Slashing (1s and 2s on damage can be rerolled) 5ft
Warhammer +5 1d8+3 Bludgeoning or 1d10+3 Bludgeoning (1s and 2s on damage can be rerolled) 5 ft
Javelin +5 1d6+3 Piercing 30 foot close range, 120 foot long range

Proficiencies (+2):
Animal Handling (Ws) +4
Athletics (St) +5
Intimidation (Ch) +3
Perception (Ws) +4
Survival (Ws) +4

Languages: Common, Goblin
Other: Gaming Dice, Land Vehicles


Heavy Armor Master: (Prerequisite: Proficiency with heavy armor) You can use your armor to deflect strikes that would kill others. You gain the following benefits:
• Increase your Strength score by 1, to a max of 20.
• While you are wearing heavy armor, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage that you take from non-magical weapons is reduced by 3.

Great Weapon Fighting: When you roll a 1 or 2 on a damage die for an attack you make with a melee weapon that you are wielding with two hands, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll, even if the new roll is a 1 or a 2. The weapon must have the two-handed or versatile property for you to gain this benefit.

Second Wind: On your turn, you can use a bonus action to regain hit points equal to 1d10 + your fighter level. Once you use this feature, you must finish a short or long rest before you can use it again.

Military Rank: You have a military rank from your career as a soldier. Soldiers loyal to your former military organization still recognize your authority and influence, and they defer to you if they are of a lower rank. You can invoke your rank to exert influence over other soldiers and requisition simple equipment or horses for temporary use. You can also usually gain access to friendly military encampments and fortresses where your rank is recognized.

Personality Info:

Traits: I’m full of inspiring and cautionary tales from my military experience relevant to almost every combat situation, and I can stare down a hell hound without flinching.
Ideals: Greater Good. Our lot is to lay down our lives in defense of others.
Bonds: The dragons destroyed everything I hold dear. They killed my family and destroyed my home. Now, with nothing but what I carry on my back and a horrid scar of the near fatal wounds I sustained in the attack, I seek revenge.
Flaws: I’d rather eat my armor than admit when I’m wrong.



Valos Sukkesh

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