Neesa Tunkle Silvertongue

Gnome Bard


Level: 1
XP: 0
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Bard
Weapon of Choice: Bone pipes and a rapier
Trinket: A set of bone pipes.

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 15

Background Packages: Charlatan

Proficient Skills:
Sleight of Hand


My father was an artisan and my mother was a whore. I was raised in Tarly, a small suburb of Melvaunt. My father taught me that hard work and good luck is the way to success and my mother taught me to take what I can, and to hell with everyone else. I gravitated towards my father in my early days, until he left when I was 15. I then followed my mother and started taking what I could to survive. I still retain a lot of my knowledge and enjoy tinkering, but I couldn’t take the thought of others having more than me just because their parents are better off or more loving.

I started finding customers for my mother and when she was with them, I stole their belongings. When I was 20, my mother had a late night customer, and told me to go home. I stole his ring, but other than that left them alone. She never came home that night. Her boss found her dead in the alleyway outside the tavern where she was working. I decided to take revenge on her last customer, the Duke of Tarly. Using his ring and the goods I had stolen, I outfitted myself with the look of a local singer and worked my way to become a part of the Duke’s personal choir. In my spare time, I worked on my fake identity, studied music, and continued my tinkering. At 45, after years of gaining the Duke’s trust (and honing my anger), I was chosen as the main instrumentalist for his (second) wedding. As the night wound down, and the Duke went to bed with his new wife, I sang the song I wrote for him. It was full of hate. Without realizing it, I cast Dissonant Whispers and killed him where he stood. When he was buried, I dug up his body and made a set of bone pipes to channel my newly found magical ability. Satisfied, I decided that finding evil and destroying it was the way for me. It wasn’t until weeks later that I met his second-in-command, the Count of Tarly. When I saw him, I realized that it was the Count that killed my mother and not the Duke. I still haven’t forgiven myself for killing an innocent and putting my mother’s killer in his place, but I keep the bone pipes as a reminder of what I’ve done.

Three years later, I convinced the rest of the Duke’s repertoire of entertainers to burn the castle to the ground with the Count still inside. Little did they know that it would also burn the rest of the wretched town of Tarly to the ground. Fortunately, I made off with gilded instruments and fine clothes, as well as a forged invitation to join the Lords’ Alliance (intended for the Count’s favorite singer). Unfortunately, the fire killed my dear friend Tana, a gifted instrumentalist of the Duke. She was a member of a secretive guild from Greenest, and had been with the Duke for many years as part of the guild’s attempt at secretive outreach.

I am still working towards making a fortune for myself, in order to gain what I need to leave the Forgotten Realms, with all of its good and evil, behind. I try to steal from the people that deserve it, but in the end I’ll take whatever I can and leave anyone who I distrust behind. I don’t believe anyone is purely good or evil. I hate authority and rules, except those that I’ve decided are right for me. In the end, I’m out to learn what I can about this world and destroy the people that don’t agree with how I see it.

In the last few years, I’ve moved to Greenest. Tana always said that it was the only town she believed was worth living in, but upon arriving, I realized how misguided she truly was. I attempted to go to the places she always talked about, to see if I could convince myself that I’d found a new place to call home. The first pub I went into, I was (unsurprisingly in hindsight) mistaken for Tana. Without missing a beat, I took on her mannerisms and two years later, I’ve become a full initiate of the Cult of the Dragon. I’ve heard there are many treasures that the cult has amassed, and I intend to steal all of them. And if I get to take down those that set Tana on the treacherous path she took, all the better.

Recently, I took on a brief job as a guard of a caravan from Baldur’s Gate to pay my way back to Greenest.

Neesa Tunkle Silvertongue

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