Brant Napier

Rogue Pirate


Level: 2
XP: 430
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Rogue (Magical Trixter)
Weapon of Choice: Rapier and a quick wit
Trinket: Captain Nasad’s Spyglass


AC 15 Studded Leather
HP 13 5+0per level
Speed 30 ft.
STR 13 +1
DEX 16 +3
CON 11 +0
INT 15 +2
WIS 9 -1
CHA 14 +2
Saving Throws
Dex +5
Int +4
Acrobatics +5
Athletics +3
Deception +4
Persuasion +4
Sleight of Hand +5
Stealth +5
Passive perception 9

Melee Weapon Attack:

Name Reach Targets To Hit Damage Damage Type
Rapier 10 ft. One +3 1d8+3 Finess
Background Packages


House Rules

Pirate background only granted sailing as was slave and was more trained in magic than sailing.
Character possesses the “Wild Magic Surge” attribute for sorcerers due to background including raw magic talent.


Our hero’s story begins 23 years ago, in a small town of Brookland. He was born into a very poor farming family, but he was happy. He had a very good life. All his life he was shielded from the war going on all around his homeland. Kings fighting Kings, is hardly the affair of a peasant boy. Unfortunately war’s cost can hit hardest on the people who are caught in the cross fire.

His mother and father were tortured and killed for their food reserves to feed an army on their ultimate conquest. They were soldiers of the empire, and were known for their cruelty towards enemy captives. He was taken for entertainment and suffered a year of abuse at the tender age of 7.

In his 8th year he was left abandoned in a conquered city. He was completely on his own. He found kids, ones who lived amongst the city. He lived on table scraps and what he could steal to get by. Learning that he had to take what he wanted and that he was on his own. He only maintained that lifestyle for a couple of years before he robbed the wrong man.

A noble was robbed and he was now a wanted criminal. He relied on his friends to gain him access to a smuggling ship, where he would serve as a cabin boy at the age of 10. He was treated terribly, until he learned to stand on his own two feet amongst men. After 6 months he started to show signs that he had slight magical tendencies. The crew was scared, and feared that killing him may anger the sea gods as well. Our hero was afraid because he had never known such things and he had no idea how the crew would deal with him. His answer came quickly when he was left ashore in a city one day to prevent the evil in him from getting the crew killed.

Broke and alone, he went back to learning the larcenous craft. Our lonely hero even happened into a friend from the old city. He had been recruited by the Crimson Shadow (Thieves guild of Claimport) who trained him in the arts of stealth and the riches that can come from taking more than you need. The guild could use our hero for throw away jobs, things that were considered too dangerous for an actual guild member. Napier made getting rich and being free from imprisionment his only goals. He would take odd jobs stealing anything of high value, and would flee. He was never an exemplary thief, but he never seamed to get captured. He would commit a large crime, bring the prize to the guild and they would pay him.

After a two years he realized that he had started to acquire quite a large bounty on his head; and those posters started to say “Dead or Alive”. Brant needed to skip town for a bit, so he jumped on the nearest merchant ship and decided to find a new home.

On his way to his new home his ship was attacked by pirates. The pirates were not ordinary, they attacked with magic and bombarded the ship before arrival. The crew in fear for their lives always submitted to the likes of Captain Nasad!

The overtaking put great strain upon our hero and before he knew it the stress had caused the magic in him to spill over. Upon pulling along side the merchant vessel, Captain Nasad witnessed our hero explode forth a massive fireball engulfing the entire merchant ship in flames. Recognizing immediately the power the boy possessed, being a man who collects magical beings himself, he had to have him. He ordered his men to attack and capture the boy at all costs.

At the age of 13 he was now a slave on a pirate ship. He was ordered to take direction from the wizards on board and that he would one day be a part of the crew. Our hero spent 10 years learning to be a magical pirate and had a small amount of skill at it. He was great with a sword and could naturally charm anyone into anything. The strange part is, he could only seem to remain cordial with people when they were in his presence. Behind his back the crew talked, they hated and resented him.

He had power, but he had attitude to match. He would scrape with the crew constantly. In his 23rd year the crew had become tired of his boasting and begged the Captain to kill the boy and spare them his arrogant attitude. The Captain didn’t want to see such power go to waste and decided to leave him ashore. Ever the thief; During the scuffle to boot our hero from the ship, Brant managed to swipe Captain Nasad’s Spyglass. [He can be petty at times…]

Our hero was left abandoned for the second time in his life. Being left with only the spite in his heart for crew who didn’t want him and a Captain who wouldn’t stand up to them. He knew what he had to do now. He had to become a Captain, find a crew of his own and set right all of the wrongs that he had endured.

He knew that no crew of ordinary men could take down a dread pirate of Captain Nasan’s legendary reputation. He decided that he had to have the right kind of crew to take down such a powerful and feared man and his magical crew.

So here he is, abandoned in the village of Candlekeep with no friends and no money. He decided that he would try to find his crew by seeking out legends and lore. He would travel east by caravan, listening for stories and seeking companions to join him in arms on his own personal crusade.

Adventure was afoot and our hero couldn’t wait until he could become the man he knew he was destined to be. After days of walking east in the safety of the caravan…

Brant Napier

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